EnvironMelt® Environmentally Friendly Ice Melt 50lb.

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Product Description

EnvironMelt® – with CMA

  • The green solution ice melt
  • Enhanced with CMA (calcium magnesium acetate)
  • Less harmful to vegetation (reduces damage to grass, trees and shrubs)
  • Safer for children and pets
  • Forms protective coating on surface to guard against concrete, wood and corrosion damage
  • Designed to reduce tracking and residue problems when used correctly
  • Easy to use. No protective clothing necessary

“The Kissner Group is North America’s leading ice melt manufacturer and deicer supplier. We specialize in premium private label ice melt and Kissner branded deicer and ice melt products.”

“Kissner is a leading ice melt supplier and ice melt manufacturer in the United States and Canada. ”

More product info available at Kissner.com